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Nine nominees have been rejected in the past -- beginning with Andrew Jackson treasury secretary pick Roger Taney in 1834 -- and we fill you in on all of them . Paying the price Many states have been imposing crippling fines for a variety of offenses -- some as minor as traffic tickets -- as a way to close budget gaps. Those who cant pay can end up behind bars -- meaning the poor have been bearing a disproportionate share of the burden, studies find. Killer or booster? Computers powered by artificial intelligence are smart enough to threaten a range of jobs. But Genpact CEO NV Tiger Tyagarajan says the bigger question is how many jobs AI will ultimately create. He should know: Genpact, a former unit of General Electric, provides what it calls digitally powered business process services that rely on ever-more intelligent tech to a range of corporate clients. Balancing act If youre like most people in the stock market, your investments largely consist of mutual funds. But how can you tell if your portfolio has the right balance of stocks and bonds? We examine how rebalancing your mutual fund holdings is critical to avoiding investment losses and earning a healthy return. Take advantage Year-end is a great time to work out your familys college selection strategy, especially your payment options.

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Burglars entered Tevez's house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires on Sunday while the striker was in the Uruguayan city of Carmelo. Police said Tevez did not report the burglary and therefore little is known about what was taken. Tevez and his bride have since left for Mexico on their honeymoon. Nasty surprise Police said they had only found out about the burglary on Tuesday when they saw reporters gathered at the house outside of Buenos Aires. They said an unknown number of burglars had entered the house, which Tevez and his family had rented while the were having their property next door renovated. It is thought the burglars entered the home from the building site. When Tevez was informed of the robbery, he returned from Carmelo to Buenos Aires by helicopter. He found the door had been forced open and his the place ransacked. Tevez then travelled to Mexico as planned for his honeymoon with Vanesa Mansilla, his childhood sweetheart.

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