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Ms Dadiani is launching a campaign to tackle fake news using blockchain technology (Image: GETTY/ELEESA DADIANI) While no one had heard of the term just two years ago, fake news is now perceived by many as among the biggest threats to Western democracy. In June, the House of Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee launched an inquiry which aimed to address the fake news phenomenon. Now, entrepreneur Eleesa Dadiani has revealed how she intends to tackle to problem of false information. Speaking exclusively to, she said: “Anywhere you turn on your phone, or watch TV, you see this misinformation - fake news - this need to keep the truth away from people. LiteCoin is going down with the market dip [] Ms Dadiani is hoping to crowdfund the app - Bubblr - via initial coin offering, a cryptocurrency money source for start ups. The cryptocurrency entrepreneur argued recent events had exposed the extent to which personal data was actively mined, traded and profiled in order to target and influence unaware individuals. She said: “Bubblr is an extremely timely leveraging force which understands these problems and has the patented technology to solve them. “It is everything Google should have been.” The project’s launch comes in light of recent research by US University MIT showing that fake news spreads more prolifically online than real news, with false news stories 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than valid ones. In the UK last month, on July 20, a rumour that the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, had passed away began to gain traction through the internet.

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Belgium knife attack: Three dead in restaurant stabbing horror

The state with the second highest number of manual scavenging in its villages — Madhya Pradesh at 23,105 as per SECC — doesn’t show any deaths in the NCSK data. “We have repeatedly asked states to identity those involved in these jobs but the states deny the existence of manual scavenging as the practice is banned under law. As a result, in many cases, the families of the dead don’t even get the compensation,” said NCSK chairperson Manhar Valjibhai Zala. As per NCSK data, the Rs 10 lakh compensation that is mandated under law in case of manual scavenging deaths, has been paid in only 70 of the 123 cases. Of the 28 states and seven union territories, the NCSK data has reported deaths from only 13 states and UTs. (Express Photo: Tashi Tobgyal/File) The paucity of data is evident in the count of people involved in manual scavenging, an exercise being carried out by an inter-ministerial task force led by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. The count is limited to only 170 districts in 18 states. Again, it excludes sewer cleaners entirely as well as any form of manual scavenging in urban areas. The counting process was to be carried out by central government teams holding survey camps in districts where those engaged in manual scavenging could come forward for a self-declaration process. Following this, the states were to confirm the numbers identified. While the exercise was to be over by June-end, officials confirmed that it has been significantly delayed as central government teams and state governments have so far acknowledged the existence of only 20,000 out of around 50,000 people identified.

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