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For better or for worse remains to be seen but there is evidence abound that the industry has gone through a transformation because of social media and one that may last forever as we become more and more technology dependent. How so? The traditional gatekeepers of the industry were well trained editors and experienced designers but that seems to be changing lately. Allure , for instance, pushed out its founding editor of 24 years in 2015 and the position was handed to a younger, digitally-accustomed editor and more space was created for writers with greater online experience. Burberry, another fashion powerhouse, openly admitted this year that they hired David Beckhams now 17-year-old son to photograph their latest campaign not because he was some boy genius but because of his close to 6 million followers on Instagram. That shift is happening because major fashion houses understand the very real influence of social networking sites and the blogosphere on the customer. Market research firm Mintel released a report last year in which they discovered that more than 35 percent of millennial women in America say social media is one of the top influencers when making clothing purchases. Another recent report , this time from the UK, reveals that women are increasingly adopting wear it once culture, binning clothes after only a few wears so they arent pictured in the same outfit twice on social media. So who is behind online media?

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