Automation And The Robots.

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While theres no doubt that inexpensive labor abroad exports American jobs, a fundamental issue received next to no discussion. Automation and the robots. As Yahoo Finance chart of the year showed , the amount the US manufactures domestically has risen to record levels. Meanwhile, the number of people that industry employs has fallen dramaticallyits not in anybodys imagination. Automation is a challenge far bigger than China , and according to a new report from the Executive Office of the President, artificial intelligence and automation have the potential to spur inequality and hurt the livelihoods of millions. Increased efficiency due to technology may not be anything new, and in the past the economic changes have been positive. As the White House notes cheap hotels in los angeles in the report, titled Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy, the 19th century saw changes in tech that made lower-skilled workers more productive and began to build a middle class, reducing inequality. The late 20th century, in contrast, has taken a different path, with higher-skilled workers using computers to boost productivityat the same time dispatching countless routine-intensive jobs. And as current automation technology advances, with the help of AI, a reckoning is coming. In the near term, 9% to 47% of jobs may be threatened over the next decade. According to the White House, research consistently finds that the jobs that are threatened by automation are highly concentrated among lower-paid, lower-skilled, and less-educated workers. In the past, optimistic economists have pointed to the economys ability to adapt to new opportunities and constraintspivoting to new jobs and even inventing entirely new types of work in response to macro-scale changes.

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