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In severe cases, a visit to the doctors office might be the onlysolution. Since skin is much thinner on the decolletage than it is on the face, traditional hyaluronic acid fillers wont work effectivelyand can leave clumps in the skin, says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank . He recommends a variety of Fraxel laser treatments torepair sun damage and Elixis Ultra treatments to tighten the fragile skin on the chest. But an ounce of prevention is still worth more than a pound of cure. The most important thingis to stop any destruction in its tracks, starting now. A massivemistake many women make is simply ignoring their decolletage. In fact, productsused on the face during your twice-daily routine should be applied right on downto the top of the breasts, too. As skincare guru Caroline see here now Hirons says, Take it to the tits.Your face doesnt end at your chin in skincare. Thisroutine should includechemical exfoliators, which are key to turning over old, damaged skin cells and exposing younger skin. You can use the same one on your chest as you do on your face, or you can opt for a body-specific product.

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