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D: “We can make it short [laughs]. I worked in fashion print publishing and these two guys had a store called GRAYMARKET, which was a block away.” A: “It was an archive. I call it “the pop-up before pop-ups.” It was a permanent space. It was documented on like WWD and The New York Times. That’s what opened the door to do this.” D: “I moved to the neighborhood—I already had relationships with Alex and Wei—and we just started to kind of shoot the shit.” Do you consider Idol a destination shop? There’s not much other retail around here… A: “I think we could be anywhere, but, to be honest, yeah.” W: “I think it’s worked out that way where we were always inspired by the neighborhood and what’s happening here. There was a lot of change in a very short amount of time. Now it’s very different than when we started the store. It’s become a destination store thanks to our brand mix and the way we curate the store. It becomes very specific by nature, so it’s actually kind of nice for our clients that are loyal to the store to take the time to come out and see us.” W: “I don’t think we necessarily think in terms of like a timeline.

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