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Sgt Lopez in her uniform Image copyright Alison Baskerville Image copyright Alison Baskerville Sgt Lopez spends much of her time on patrol in the streets of Tapachula. "We have many hotels and shelters here which house migrants from places such as El Salvador and Honduras," she says. "We used to have a little place in the square for women who had been trafficked. It's a very common problem in Tapachula. It was a place for them to get legal advice and support, but it closed down. I would really like to do more to help them. At the moment I do a talk in a drop-in centre at the border to warn women about the tactics men กระเป๋าเป้ forever21 use to trick them." Image copyright Alison Baskerville Although her family lives in the same town, Sgt Lopez has to stay and sleep in the police station for four weeks at a time while on duty. Image copyright Alison Baskerville All the food in the station is prepared by the police officers. They work, live and eat together for the duration of their four-week long shift. Image copyright Alison Baskerville As Sgt Lopez carries on with her patrol, she comes across a young family living in an old railway carriage. The family is from Yucatan in Mexico and are visiting family in Tapachula.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Show Caption Previous Next CINCINNATI -- January is the time for making resolutions: Eliminating debt, getting in shape and, for some of the 107 million singles in America, "finding the one." Although many gym bags sit unused by early February, online daters are hard at work in what Match.com has deemed the peak season. Bela Gandhi, founder of Smart Dating Academy and a dating expert for Match, calls this time of year the perfect storm for online daters to find their partner. "At the New Year, many are inspired to make finding a relationship a resolution for the coming year. Singles are motivated, positive and ready to meet others," Gandhi said. Between Dec. 26 and Valentine's Day, Match members typically send more than 50 million messages, upload 5 million photos and go on 1 million dates. In fact, the site has narrowed it down to the very minute online dating peaks: Jan.

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