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"We are clearly the victims here, we only ask that the school handles this and apologises, why have we been treated this way?" she wrote. Image copyright WECHAT GRAB But when her emotive post triggered an outpouring of empathy and anger online, it also prompted the school to hastily issue a public statement. It disputed her account, saying it did not believe the confrontation amounted to bullying. By then the mother had already made her point and conjured up the sympathy of millions, even state media. But it is also on social media that bullying becomes most visible. In 2015, China's internet watchdog banned websites from posting photos or video of bullying, but it is evidently still an issue. In one clip filmed in Sichuan last year, a girl was seen being stripped naked and beaten by schoolmates, while others show children being slapped, kicked and even beaten with steel pipes. Parents negotiate personal compensation The latest viral bullying video came from southern Shenzhen province and was allegedly over a 12-year-old boy's refusal to pay "protection money" to a school gang. In the clip, the boy is seen talking to a group of teenagers and is then sent sprawling to the ground when one kicks him. Curled up on the floor, he is then kicked repeatedly.