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Pretoria Road PC Carpenter, 36, saved a disabled teenage girl by carrying her through a window. 'Get them out' She was on the makeshift roof of the shop below the first-floor flat when he "dragged her through the window". He said: "I think the adrenaline takes over. It wasn't until we got them out that you actually kind of take a step back and think about what you've just done. "At the time your priority is to get them out. "It feels a bit surreal. We just did what anybody would have done in the same situation." PC Merson, 38, said: "We had to put out a bit of a fire again which had started up in the corner by the radiator. I put that out basically with my foot." The blaze broke out at 09:00 GMT. The cause is being investigated. The family and the officers were taken to hospital to be checked over.

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