Useful Methods In Buddhist Temples Information

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An even greater figure, 86%, said they did not want him to run for a second term. Until now Mr Hollande has kept his career options open. A Socialist primary will be held in January, and the president will announce if he is a candidate only after the centre-right holds its primary next month. The consensus until this week was that the president would indeed run again, despite record unpopularity and the failure of his solemn vow to bring down unemployment. The argument, as ever with Mr Hollande, is that only a bridge-builder like himself can bring together the two competing wings of the Socialists. The existence of rival candidates - Arnaud Montebourg on the left, Emmanuel Macron on the right - tends to reinforce that case. But now more and more people in the party are pondering whether the president might not be an outright liability. "It's bewildering. I lack the words to say what I think: something between a hammer-blow to the head, and the straw that broke the camel's back," one Socialist MP told Le Monde after reading extracts from the book. "Imagine burying your grandmother when she is still alive; that's roughly the ambience at party HQ," said another.